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Gas tracer

A specialist tracer gas, an inert mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen, is used to replace water in the leaking pipework. Under pressure, this gas will escape from any leak and travel up through the floor, ground or walls. The gas can escape through concrete floors, timber and all types of floor finishes including tiles, laminate and carpet. A sensitive probe then pinpoints the leak by detecting any trace of the gas. The gas tracing is a very accurate way to find a leak and can be used on all types of pipework such as,

Central heating systems

Hot/Cold pipework

Underfloor heating

Mains water pipework

we use the very best gas tracing equipment on the market and pride ourselves on using the very latest leak detection technologies, Equipment and  techniques to locate and resolve ALL leaks, this ensures the minimum amount of disruption to you and your home in the most efficient amount of time.

Gas tracer: Welcome
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