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Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect areas or surfaces with extreme heat energy, a perfect tool in the toolbox of our Leak Detection engineers – allowing us to trace pipework and begin the leak detection and repair process. They are electronic, handheld gadgets that are designed with visual displays to help identify heat energy – making them the perfect starting point in a non-invasive leak detection process.

How does a thermal imaging camera work?

These are pretty complicated devices but very efficient in their ability to detect infrared radiation from surfaces and objects. They work by detecting the IR of objects and surfaces where the thermal camera is directed at. The infrared radiation is then passed through an array of elements of detection. The detector elements then are able to create a very detailed temperature pattern known as a thermogram.

The thermogram is then converted to electric impulses. The impulses are then passed into a signal processing unit whereby the signal processing unit converts the information collected into data for display. This combination of these impulses then creates the images displayed on the screen. The images appear in different colours on the screen of the thermal imaging camera.

The Thermal Imaging Camera (also called Thermographic Camera or Infrared Camera) allows us to locate and map any buried and hidden hot, central heating and underfloor heating pipes.

Any abnormalities and suspect areas which could point toward a leak, such as a heat patch, will be indentified. The results will be used in conjuction with our other testing methods and equipment to ensure the leak is located as accurately as possible.

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