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Premium plumbing and leak detection

Mains water leaks

Mains water leaks  can be the most damaging types of leak due to the pressure and volume of water being constantly lost, They can occur externally or internally:

external: This is between you external water metre/stopcock to your internal incoming mains stopcock.

Internal: This is from the internal stopcock and onwards into the property.

ways to identify mains water leak:

  • High or increased water bills

  • Water meter constantly spinning

  • Water supplier confirming you have a leak

  • Water tank constantly emptying

  • Hot water pump constantly running

  • Damp and water damage

  • Mould and condensation

  • Damp smell

  • Boggy ground

  • pooling  water or flooding

  • Low water pressure

  • High consumption of water softener salt

  • Constant clean water flowing in a drain

  • Noise of flowing water or sound like a dripping tap

  • Constant leak through ceiling which stops when the stopcock is isolated

The good news is that mains leaks are normally the most straightforward to locate. Using a combination of methods, we can locate your mains leak quickly, accurately and without any damage to your property.

Once the mains leak has been located our engineer, all experienced plumbers, can carry out a same day repair of both internal and external leaks. This includes all excavation works needed in order to access and expose the leak ready for repair. This includes:

Excavating concrete floors

Removing laminate floors

Wooden flooring

Tiled floors

Screed floors

Mud or Turf


When a leak has been located and exposed it will then be repairs efficiently and correctley.

 Once the leak has been repaired the system will be re-tested to ensure that the repair is all done correctly and to check the system or pipework for further leaks. In 97% of mains water leaks Premium plumbing and leak detection are able to repair in the same day.

If a specialist fitting or materials are required then we can arrange to come back at a time that best suites the customer.


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